How I Got Started


Julia is a graduate of the prestigious University of Design in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Whilst studying design at university she became fascinated with dance as another art form and began to seriously study it. Since her graduation in 1998 she has pursued dance as her main artistic pursuit. She has studied jazz, modern, contemporary, partnering, improvisation and other dance techniques. She performed on numerous occasions in St-Petersburg and Moscow and her success led her to also become interested in teaching.

In 2000 she started to teach in dance schools, studios and gyms in Russia. Since 2005 she has been traveling. Firstly in Europe, touring, teaching and engaging in experience exchange in Finland, Austria, France, and Spain. And since 2013 in Japan, where she now continues to teach and perform.


2012-2013 -qualification at SDC  'Sydney Dance Company' , Australia :

*contemporary dance course/ Paul Cordeiro (Australia)

*lyric contemporary dance course/ Dale Pope (Australia/UK)


2015-2017 Participated at • International Festival of Contemporary Dance 'Open Look'•

2015- 'Open Look 2015'

2016- 'Open Look 2016'

2017- 'Open Look 2017'

Took part in workshops / creations / master classes by:

* Christian Guerematchi (Netherlands)

* Dana Raz (Israel / Spain)

* Yan Spotek ( Slovakia/ USA)

* Sara Murphy ( Canada, Netherlands)

* Hazuki Kojima (Japan/ Sweden)


Julia teaches a class of exploring, sharing and pushing boundaries. Her choreography is physical, ever-changing, and affected by all forms of dance. She provides a blend of commercial contemporary, modern techniques, and floor-work principles. Although every class is structured differently, Julia always includes a thorough warm-up, improvisational techniques, and a movement phrase. Her focus is to use dance as an emotional outlet, merge styles, and push the limits of the human body to find unknown shapes and capabilities. There is a constant and heavy focus on dynamics and musicality.

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